Interior Design not only enhances and beautifies interior spaces, but it also embraces every part of a building or space, making it functional and safe while boosting the life quality of the people? who interact in it. Contrary to what many believe, Interior Design shouldn’t be expensive, especially if you invest right at the beginning of your project in the best Interior Design in Napa Valley.

Regardless of the project’s scale or budget, at Worth Interiors, we always try to evoke originality while staying true to our clients’ goals. Our creative team is always looking to create new Interior Design trends, not follow them, and break rules, not be suppressed by them.

Important differences between Interior Design and interior decoration

Many people don’t know it or entirely understand it, but there are major differences between decorating and Interior Design. This is a common discussion at BBQ and parties in Napa Valley. However, this confusion is more than just a good party topic, and many find out its significant differences when they fail to obtain the results they had in mind when they began their home or space remodeling project.

An interior decorator will try to enhance your home, office, building, or specific space by changing its furniture, colors, and other simple details. This is just a small part of what a Interior Design does. Besides enhancing a building, home, or space, a Interior Design will make it functional and safe. This means that he will also focus on the customer’s preferences and style, dimensions, surface finishes, textures, lighting, and other natural elements.

Interior Design knowledge

Even though interior decorators have great taste and an excellent eye for colors, they lack preparation and training. Interior Design are certified professionals that can provide structural solutions involving light, sound, space, and other issues, adding great taste and style while making the most of what the building naturally provides.

Therefore, Interior Design are highly trained professionals which, in many of the places in Napa Valley, must take and pass several tests in order to get a license as certified Interior Design.  

Creativity is the most important element of Interior Design. Whether you are building or remodeling a private home, re-inventing a space, furnishing an apartment, designing a boutique hospitality venue, or simply creating a solution to a problem of a space at hand, at Worth Interiors, we are challenged by each project and client to stay creative and original. Our skill of the trade is the process by which we approach these solutions.

The commitment to each one of our Interior Design projects and customers, in addition to the wealth of experience and knowledge of our professional team, has granted us international recognition for our creative interior concepts and designs, positioning Worth Interiors as one of Napa Valley's leading Interior Design firms.